Wüsthof Create Collection Serrated Paring Knife Yellow
Wüsthof Create Collection Serrated Paring Knife Yellow
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Wüsthof Create Collection Serrated Paring Knife Yellow

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From peeling to chopping and slicing, the paring knife is the unsung hero of the kitchen. Sharp, serrated and lightweight, this versatile knife with a 10cm blade is great for mincing shallots, onions and herbs as well as cleaning and cutting vegetables.

  • 10cm round-tipped paring knife with serrated edge
  • Great for slicing tomatoes, vegetables and fruit with a firm skin
  • Also ideal for cured sausage, bread rolls and cheese
  • Works well as a steak knife, too
  • Made from special stainless blade steel
  • Easy handling thanks to lightweight design
  • Colourful, non-slip, high-quality synthetic handles
  • Handy, hygienic, and dishwasher safe
  • Made in Solingen, Germany


The Create Collection combines great fun and razor-sharp functionality. These versatile tools will help you to get those creative juices flowing as your inspired artistry in the kitchen beautifully showcases the delicious diversity of fresh food. Your passion for preparing your favourite dishes will be evident and your family and friends will look forward to enjoying them with you. With enduring sharpness and exceptional reliability — made entirely in Solingen, Germany.


  • Blade length: 10cm
  • Material: Stainless steel blade

Care Instructions

  • Although technically dishwasher safe, we do not recommend it. Blades can knock together, damaging them, and if not washed soon after use, corrosive food particles can damage the blade
  • Wash soon after use with gentle dishwashing soap and sponge
  • Dry thoroughly, immediately after washing