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DISHWASHER SAFE Richlite, the innovative paper composite material, can be sanitized in any home or commercial dishwasher. MAINTENANCE FREE Epicurean products made from Richlite have the look and feel of wood but do not require any of the typical wood board maintenance like oiling and conditioning. HEAT RESISTANT Epicurean Paper Composite material is heat resistant. You can even keep your counters safe from hot pots and pans by using your boards as trivets. NON-POROUS Non-porous boards mean they won't hang on to germs or bacteria like poly or wood boards. No need for seperate boards for prepping meat, fish, produce - just a simple wash will do when switching meats! EASY ON KNIVES Epicurean Paper Composite boards are harder than wood but will score slightly while slicing and chopping food. Your knives will stay sharp longer, making your prep work faster and easier. MADE IN THE USA NSF CERTIFIED Item #: 6064633 Model #: 429-157501 Manufacturer: Epicurean This Epicurean Serving Paddle can be used to serve or display a variety of foods from appetizers to desserts. It has a natural finish and comes in a 15" x 7.5" size.

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