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Your floor clean in no time? The Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop 2 tackles all the dirt while you do nothing. With a suction power of 2700 Pa, no terrain is too dirty for it. This vacuum can handle obstacles up to 20 mm high, so it maneuvers easily over door thresholds, rails and carpets! Its brushless Japanese NIDEC motor provides suction that removes the most stubborn dirt and debris from your floor in no time. Even pet hair is no problem! The Mop 2 also takes away pollen, mites and other allergens thanks to the three filters of nylon, sponge and HEPA. You don't have to wait long either: with a battery life of 110 minutes, it cleans virtually the entire house in one go. Is the vacuum cleaner empty? Then it automatically makes a pit stop at the charging station, where it calculates how much capacity it needs to clean the remaining surface. After cleaning the entire area, the Mop 2 naturally returns to the dock to recharge fully. • Performs much better than its predecessor This new model is in all respects better than its predecessor, the Mop 1C: the suction power increases from 2500 to 2700 Pa, the battery capacity goes from 2600mAH to 3200mAH and the triple side brush gives way to a hexagonal side brush. The mopping module is a lot more effective and the water reservoir has also increased from 200ml to 250ml, enough for as much as 150m² of floor! The Mop 2 also exerts more pressure on the floor during mopping and therefore leaves everything spick and span! The improved vSLAM module ensures that the Mop 2 very effectively finds the route in the house. The vacuum scans the room with the built-in cameras and immediately plans the route with the Smart Path Planning. The Mop 2 immediately sees which obstacles it needs to avoid and thus finds the most optimal path through your home! • Control via app The Mi Robot Vacuum Mop 2 is easy to operate via the Mi Home or Homey app! In the app you turn the vacuum cleaner on and off, determine its route, change the cleaning mode and track its position. Also useful: the forbidden zones. These are places where your vacuum cleaner is not allowed to go. Curious how clean your floor is? Via the app you can follow the weekly and monthly progress of all cleaning sessions. The vacuum cleaner and the app also work together with Google Assistant and Alexa, for all your voice commands. • Suction power of 2,700 Pa • Equipped with 3 filters: nylon, sponge and HEPA • Electrically controlled water tank of 250ml • Battery life of 110 minutes • Overcomes obstacles of 20mm • Controlled via Xiaomi Mi Home or Homey app

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